uPVC Conservatories Design

uPVC Conservatories Design

Choosing your Conservatory Style or design.

With such a wide range of modern Low Cost Conservatories designs in the market place, if you don’t know your Victorian from your Edwardian, how are you going to choose which style suite your home best? With the average cost of lean to conservatories prices being very competitive.

uPVC Conservatories DesignProbably the first things to think about are how much room do you have, how much space do you want to use, what is the main use of the conservatory and, of course, what type of budget are you willing to allocate towards the cost of the work.

Once you have those things in mind you can start to work out which style would suit you best.

For properties where space is limited, you may want to go for a simple lean-to conservatory which has a very straightforward rectangular floor plan and can fit well into small areas (don’t forget to have doors which open out – to save internal space). If you are lucky enough to have loads of room, how about a bespoke conservatory, such as P, T or L-shaped?

Orangeries would need some pre-planning as, in general, they are the design that is more individual than the rest, often featuring pillars, fancy atrium roof areas, and larger floor plans – you may also need planning permission to install them – so don’t forget to find out more on planning permission for conservatories.