Orangery Conservatory Installer Certification

Orangery Conservatory Installer Certification

Orangery Conservatory trade associations

Orangery Conservatory Installer CertificationSearching for online prices will show the price of building reasonable sized conservatory styles sometimes running into tens of thousands of pounds. Therefore its surely prudent and only sensible to investigate the ‘bona-fides’ of any contractor that you may be considering to do the work prior to awarding them the contract to do so.

One of the ‘first lines of defense’ is to check that your proposed installer is a registered and certified contractor from either:GGF, FENSA, CERTASS or DGCOS which are some of the main recognised trade associations within the double glazing and conservatory market.

By using a registered contractor, you will have some comfort that they have been pre-vetted to a certain extent with regards to the contractor’s competence to meet building regulations and to some extent it will also provide a decent level of consumer protection in the event that something goes wrong

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