About Double Glazing Windows

About Double Glazing Windows

What is Double Glazing?

About Double Glazing WindowsDouble glazing is a common enough term but do we all understand what it really means?

The window opening in a building has developed over many hundreds of years. At one time in history it was nothing more than a hole in the wall. Fortunately, over time we arrived at the glazed window. A single pane of glass which lets the light in whilst at the same time offering protection against the elements.

As good as this system was over and above other more primitive forms of protection it was found to be a major cause of heat loss from within the building.

Despite its continued widespread use, today it is a very inefficient way of stopping the warmer air from within a building from escaping. In the absence of more effective glazing the inside of the building is constantly needed to be reheated in order to maintain a warmer temperature.

The science of Double Glazed windows is not new. It was first invented in the U.S.A. In the 1930’s and although slow to develop it became commonly used in the U.S. in the 1950’s. Despite its existence for over 80 years many buildings in the U.K. have yet to benefit from the extra insulation qualities that Double Glazing brings.