Composite Cottage Doors For Your Home

Composite Cottage Doors For Your Home

Cottage Doors in Composite and UPVC

With more and more thought being given to the aesthetic feel of our homes, it’s easy to forget or neglect the impact that an impressive entrance can have – both to visitors and passers-by.

A visually stunning front door can give a good impression of what might lie behind and taking a pride in the entrance way is often the first idea a visitor might have of how the homeowner treats the rest of their abode.

In recent years there has been a huge trend for home fashions to look more natural than the minimal tastes and bold colouring of the 1990s and although those trends might still be popular among the high street, shabby chic, country living,

French Chateau and vintage styles are hugely popular. With this in mind, more and more people are choosing to echo their internal style with visually stunning traditional cottage doors.

Composite Cottage Doors For Your HomeCottage doors are typically solid wood doors with minimal styling or fittings. They generally come in either natural finishes or more conservative colours and often feature bold hinges and fittings, which when effectively fitted and well maintained can add or give a rustic feel to a property, wherever it might be situated.

Although the majority of us can neither afford nor are practically able to move to a more rural setting, cottage doors can give even the most urban of homes a country feel and can give the entrance way to any home a relaxed and romantic feel.

Just as many homeowners are seeing the benefits of cottage doors, so many businesses are also latching on to the trend for their business premises and retail outlets.

Having a cottage door for the front door of a shop is not only a wise investment for security and costing purposes but if the door actually suits the products sold, such as ornaments, home fittings and luxury goods, the door can actually be a selling point. That’s because such a door gives a feeling to the customer that the business owner has put a lot of effort into the look and stylish appeal of their business.

As there are many issues surrounding the production of brand new cottage doors, especially when it comes to sustaining forest populations, there are now many companies offering Reclaimed cottage doors. Reclamation essentially involves salvaging items from demolition sites and those which would otherwise be disposed of then refurbishing them so that they may be reused.

Cottage doors are no different and many reclamation yards now offer them for a fraction of the new cost price and with the knowledge that the cottage door is of a superior quality to many of the more modern options which might not have the same craftsmanship or quality of the base product.

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